Sunday, 8 April 2012

SKY's net, part 2

Following on from an earlier post about the state of broadcasting in NZ, I hereby announce SKYNET v0.5, which made its first appearance in a PAS thread about the Kim Dotcom Bust.

And I'm encouraged by the responses so far, including that of fellow blogger Zippy Gonzales, who's already aped my words on the pokies-for-convention-centre pork barrelling. The avowedly pro-business Fran O'Sullivan and Dominon Post have also hit out at the blatant cronyism at work.

SKYNET. Coming soon to a T-shirt near you.


  1. I have also written about the scandal of John Key doing a dodgy deal with SkyCity, but from the perspective of his legacy. Does he really want to be remembered as a PM who contributed to a rise in gambling addictions?

  2. I can see the slogan now... "SKYNET Casino. We need your money. Your shirt. And your soul."

    Further ideas very welcome to be posted here.