Wednesday 9 November 2011

Welcome to the Kumara Republic

Welcome to the Kumara Republic, one of the latest additions to the estimated 200 million-plus blogs in existence.

So why add to already crowded cyberspace? To stimulate minds in a world increasingly racing to the lowest common denominator. To air certain viewpoints when people feel they're not being told the whole story by overworked and understaffed news outlets. To provide an outlet for my creative endeavours. To amuse people in times of decidedly unamusing circumstances.

I've posted regularly on forums like Russell Brown's Public Address - one of those rare native birds known as a forum with a decent signal-to-noise ratio - but on the suggestion of a close friend and one-time co-worker who read my posts there, I've finally made some online ink space of my own.

And so I hereby declare this blog open for business.

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