Wednesday 16 November 2011

The Two Johnnies

The Tea Tapes affair has taken some interesting turns. Some have compared it with the News of the World phone hacking scandal. While others have said it's much needed sunlight.

And out of left field comes the lawyer representing the Hackgate victims, calling for the tapes to be released:
"There is a difference between the News of the World hacking into someone's phone to find out private information and seemingly - whether accidental or on purpose - effectively a journalist investigating some political statement,” he says.
“That's something that is in the public interest and sounds like it should be reported without the unfavourable comparison to what was clearly a criminal act."
If you read some of the comments in the above story, it's funny how those who still believe in the Mother England cargo cult delusion are now telling it to butt out. And Talkbackistan is going all "la la la la la, I can't hear you!" Forced exposure to sunlight makes more than just vampires behave very strangely indeed.

If there really was nothing to hide, then why go straight to the boys in blue, instead of the Press Council? Regardless of one's views, the mask is visibly starting to slip. Recent past leaders like Rob Muldoon, David Lange, Jim Bolger and Helen Clark didn't need masks. When you hold up a mirror to those who rely on the smokescreen of keeping us deaf, dumb, happy and fat, it'll crack.

"It's goodnight from me." "And it's goodnight from him."


  1. It's pretty obvious that there's something in there that wont like the light of day, I doubt it's *gate or worse or the HoS would have run it already.

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