Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Upping the ante: Holiday highways to nowhere

The Holiday Highways to Nowhere are now $14 billion and counting. What makes it all the more audacious is that it single-handedly managed to avoid any Treasury scrutiny whatsoever, while austerity applies to just about everything else. Which raises another question: when is austerity not austerity? The answer's quite simple: when it's socialism for the One Percenters and the so-called market for everyone else.

And it's heartening to see those aware of lopsided transport priorities taking a stand in a light-hearted way. Even in the middle of winter.

So, here it is - the ante has been upped. Image is ©Kumara Republic Media but free to download and circulate. Also available as prints from CafePress.

Holiday Highways to Nowhere

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